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More Than One Way To Screen A Cat

by FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 23, 2016


FirstDown PlayBook has added another way for you to find the screen pass that you are look...

Is It 2×2 Or 3×1?

by FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 22, 2016


When you line up against an eleven man football offensive formation it is normally pretty ...

FDPB Kick Screen Install Today!

by FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 21, 2016


This is when as an offensive coordinator you may need to think about getting the ball to y...

A Mental Conditioning Program

by Anthony Lanzillo on Jul 20, 2016


A mental conditioning program will help each player become mentally tough and gain the com...

Adjust Your Youth Defense With The 4-4

by FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 19, 2016


Youth Football offenses are starting to open it up a little more these days so as look at ...

Outflank your Opponents With Jumbo!

by FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 18, 2016


Want to outflank your opponents Youth Football defense and still have running plays with a...

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  • avp-story “FirstDown PlayBook has a wealth of offensive ideas in an easy-to-use website for all levels of coaching. As an offensive coach looking for weekly game planning ideas, FirstDown PlayBook allows a coach to quickly and easily flip through thousands of offensive plays.”

    Alex Van Pelt

    Quarterbacks & Receivers Coach Green Bay Packers

  • Borne I coach in an extremely competitive 7 on 7 league in Florida. A lot of the teams are coached by guys with NFL experience. When I take the iPad out on the field with FirstDown PlayBook on it I have NFL experience too.

    By Josh Borne

    Space Coast Elite 7 on 7 Coach

  • B2XGl4CCIAEcSh3 “I like it as a reference tool for coaches at all levels. It’s even better now that they came out with run game and protections!”

    By Harold Goodwin

    Offensive Coordinator Arizona Cardinals

  • testimonial-img Charlie’s background as an NFL Quality Control coach has served him well. 5000 football plays is a lot of plays regardless of what league they are from.

    By Dick Jauron

    NFL Head Coach Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills

  • Janis Coaching Youth football is not as easy as it looks… Take advantage of his experience and knowledge of the game to make your job easier and your experience more fun. Charlie has already done the hard work for you by designing and using thousands of plays.

    By Janis Meredith

    Sports Mom and Blogger JBMTHINKS.COM

Thank you! And I love this app... it's all we use for our 7 on 7 team!

Testimonial about FirstDown PlayBook Austin Perlman

We love FirstDown PlayBook. We won a league championship last season using some of your plays. Looking forward to using FDPB this season!!

Testimonial from Twitter South Naples Trojans

I have also been coaching youth football for 14 years, and I use your app.

Testimonial from app customer Capital City Combine