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NFL Flag Rules Found Right Here

by FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 22, 2019

FirstDown PlayBook is the official playbook resource for USA Football who adheres to the N...

FirstDown PlayBook 1.0 Retires This Friday!

by FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 21, 2019

FirstDown PlayBook 1.0 website will be retired on Friday July, 26. If you are on a 1.0 mon...

USA Football Talks Attacking The Tite Front

by FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 20, 2019

When running the Tite front if you choose to keep your C-gap off-ball linebackers conflict...

Marry These Two Youth Football Wing T Plays

by FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 19, 2019

Teams that are much smaller, slower and yes, dare we say not even close in talent level ca...

Shield Punt Splits Are Critical

by FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 18, 2019

We have attached a short video that emphasizes the importance of teaching and demanding pr...

Beginning Steps To Installing a Youth Football Offense

by FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 17, 2019

Once you have settled on a formation or two, you will want to begin to decide on what foot...

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