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Just Drew Your Practice Cards In Two Minutes

by FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 19, 2019

We just drew your practice cards today in two minutes AND we printed them out at the same ...

We Have Partnered With Florida HS 7v7 Association!

by FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 18, 2019

Florida High School 7v7 Association is a member-driven organization run by high school foo...

Your Football PlayBook Organization Is Critical

by FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 17, 2019

Today's short video explains some of the ways that we would think about organizing our pla...

USA Football’s Seth Galina Talks Setting the Nose in A Tite Front

by FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 16, 2019

USA Football's Seth Galina does a nice job here of showing us how some of the current offe...

Wing T Inside Veer Drawings Shows How We Help You Teach

by FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 15, 2019

When FirstDown PlayBook says that the new Draw and edit tool was created "For coaches. By ...

Ohio Stick Flag Football Concept

by FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 14, 2019

We break down the Ohio Stick concept to teach the read for this flag football play that yo...

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