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Steelers’ Rat In The Hole Bites Mayfield

by FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 21, 2020

Fitzpatrick dropped down to play the "rat in the hole". This allowed him to play the short...

Rodgers Pick 6? Not Often But It Happens.

by FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 20, 2020

Aaron Rodgers can make a case as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play football. Howev...

Youth Football Wing T Complimentary Plays Are Key

by FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 19, 2020

The Wing T Buck Sweep forces the play side linebacker to flow to defend the play. The G Le...

5v5 Flag Football Trips RPO

by FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 18, 2020

This flag football trips formation play gives you options. Is it a jet sweep, or a decoy a...

FirstDown PlayBook Members Get All 22 Plays & Videos

by FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 17, 2020

As FirstDown PlayBook continues to grow and expand this is just one more way you will see ...

Coach & Coordinator Talks Offensive Creativity

by FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 16, 2020

Greg Roman is at the top of the NFL offensive coordinator list here at FirstDown PlayBook....

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