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Wing T Roll Out Pass Game Install

by FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 20, 2018

Most Wing T offenses are not known for their dynamic passing game but that doesn't mean th...

What Does Mike Singletary See Through Those Eyes?

by FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 19, 2018

Prepare to hear how Pro Football Hall of Famer Mike Singletary prepares for the new world ...

Maryland vs Ohio State Two Point Play

by FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 18, 2018

The two point play that Maryland dialed up against Ohio State yesterday fell incomplete in...

One Football Play. Thirty Different Ways.

by FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 17, 2018

Ask any coach to draw up their favorite run football play and they will begin drawing it u...

West Virginia Stole Our 4v4 Flag Football Play!

by FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 16, 2018

As we began to draw the West Virginia play up we suddenly realized that it was very simila...

FirstDown PlayBook Tight Red Zone Plays

by FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 15, 2018

We look at how we organize the red zone section for an offensive coordinator and we also b...

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