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Let’s Edit This Wing T Inside Veer Play

by FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 17, 2019

Coach Teaff took one look at FirstDown PlayBook and said "Have you done anything else with...

Your Custom Football PlayBook Made Easy

by FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 16, 2019

FirstDown PlayBook is the number one football playbook resource available but that doesn't...

Simple Youth Flag Football Plays With Options

by FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 15, 2019

This 5v5 flag football play offers you several plays in one and it allows you to generate ...

Free Demo Website Gives You Part Of The Picture

by FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 14, 2019

Scroll down to the bottom and use the free Demo! Just know that with the actual 2.0 Draw a...

Tight Splits Do Not Have To Mean Crossing Routes

by FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 13, 2019

This play with tight splits shows an example of how you can get creative and set up a high...

This Changes Everything For Youth Football Coaches

by FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 12, 2019

Regardless of if you coach in the NFL or youth football, you do not have enough hours in t...

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