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Youth Football Double Wing Football Plays

by FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 22, 2018

If you are coaching the really young players in your youth football league it is hard to f...

Screens Drawn With Run Blocking Detail

by FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 21, 2018

Regardless of if it's a hitch screen, a jailbreak screen or a good old fashioned slow scre...

“Hip By” Technique Can Salvage A Punt Return

by FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 20, 2018

It is far easier for your punt return unit to hold a punt coverage man up at the line of s...

FirstDown PlayBook Installs: June 19-25

by FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 19, 2018

Pretty diverse set of installations huh? Trust us when we say that each and everyone of th...

What You Should Be Doing, But You Don’t!

by Chris Summers on Jun 18, 2018

I would like to talk you through a simple read for your quarterback based off of a Cover 2...

Happy Fathers Day!

by FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 17, 2018

Happy Fathers Day to all of the Dads out there who make the world a better place on a dail...

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