Where Are Your Feet?
By Anthony Lanzillo on Jan 23, 2017


By Mental Prep Coach Anthony Lanzillo

In watching several different interviews with Matt Ryan before his game against the Green Bay Packers this past Sunday, it was very clear that he had his mental game in order. From talking about being poised and always staying cool under pressure, this NFL quarterback has developed a mental maturity to successfully compete and lead his team in the upcoming Super Bowl. One of my favorite lines from those interviews was his statement – “stay focused on where your feet are”.

For any football coach or player out there, Ryan could serve as a great role model when it comes to the importance of mental skills training and being mentally prepared to play your best game. Listen to Ryan when he is interviewed by different sports reporters. He talks about staying in the moment, tuning out the distractions and not making any situation bigger than it really is. Watch Ryan as he prepares on the sidelines before the game begins or when he is on the sidelines with his offensive unit. He is talking to his teammates about keeping their composure and not overreacting to the players’ comments or actions from the other team, to stay focused on the current play and successfully carry out their individual roles on the field.

From what I have observed, Ryan has become a very smart and mentally sharp football player. He knows the importance of staying focused on the goal, to play under control and to respond appropriately to whatever happens on the field. His success this past year has to be attributed to the way that he mentally approaches the game and his responsibilities as the team’s quarterback and leader. He has definitely learned from all of his experiences, and has transformed those experiences into teaching moments for his ongoing growth as an athlete and person.
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