Discounts On Our PowerPack For Every QB Taken Tonight!
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 8, 2014

fdpb_Dropback Version

Okay! Enough talk already! The NFL Draft is finally here and we finally get to find out what the people who matter think. (We didn’t say the people who know. We just said the people who matter) FirstDown PlayBook is as excited as the rest of you to find out who is going to land where so we are going add a little extra incentive for you to pay attention as the first round unfolds.combo-pic

For every QB taken tonight in the first round  FirstDown PlayBook will take $2.00 off of our PowerPack. The discount will run immediately after the first round through Saturday May 10. How many will it be? Who knows? Some say three and some say as many as five or six. All we know is that every time they draft a QB tonight subtract $2.00 off of the best Football DropBack Passing game app out there!