2 Flag Football Plays In One

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 11, 2021

FirstDown PlayBook has coached up the value of the Run Pass Option here many times. We have talked about the RPO value with tackle and flag football plays. Today we want to make the point that the ability to read a football play two different ways is not exclusive to the RPO.

There are many dropback pass plays that can be read two different ways. Some may actually even be read three different ways. This can allow you to call the exact same football play in the same game multiple times and read it the way you choose.

If your quarterback has some experience and game savvy you can also have them choose the way they want to read the play. They can either read it pre-snap or if they are great at reading coverages they can do it as they take their drop.

Be careful though. Only a handful of quarterbacks can do it after the ball is snapped. Overload a quarterback that is not ready for it and that’s when you end up with interceptions.

Today we have loaded you up one of our 7v7 flag football plays that can be read two or three different ways in the video below. This is an older video but the lesson remains true.

Take a look and keep this in mind as you are going through our hundreds of FirstDown PlayBook flag football plays. What you are likely to realize is that you don’t need as many as you think when you can call the same play multiple times!

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