Only 2 High? We Don’t Think So!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 21, 2017

We were blown away earlier this week by an email we received from a High School coach who asked “Why do you draw the FirstDown PlayBook Varsity run plays only against two deep safeties?” He also wanted to know why our Varsity pass plays are drawn up without a defense?

There is so much football in FirstDown PlayBook that it is understandable how some of it can get lost in the process. Today we wanted to make sure we went back and hit on the fact that all of the FirstDown PlayBook Varsity runs and protections are drawn up vs 15 different defensive looks. We also mirror everyone of those drawings so it’s really 30 different looks!

Instead of telling you why don’t you let us show you in this video because the season is almost here and you are definitely going to be able to use this in the coming months!


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