2018 Youth Football Thoughts?
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 4, 2018

Okay, it is probably a little early to be having youth football discussions but please keep in mind that FirstDown PlayBook usually tries to stay a few months ahead of what is coming at us on the yearly calendar.

Also, please remember when FirstDown PlayBook says “youth football” we generally are referring to 12 year olds and below. We know there are some spring leagues out there that play 8v8 and such that are somewhere between youth and varsity age but for the sake of this discussion, we are talking about the young ones.

We hope that most of you have visited the FirstDown PlayBook youth section. We have a very extensive offensive and defensive section. For today we want to pick your brain a little about our youth football offensive section.

We currently have ten different youth football formations with twenty some offensive football plays in every formation. These formations were designed with your needs as a youth football coach in mind. Much of this section comes from direct feedback from you!

Of course all of these plays come with these features:

  1. All run plays are blocked up vs six different youth football defenses.
  2. All plays can be flipped to run both ways.
  3. All plays are in color.
  4. All plays have coaching points and assignments for every player.

Our question to you today is what formations would you like for us to add to the youth football section for 2018? You can see the thumbnails for each formation that we currently have below. Please share your ideas with us because we actually do listen.  Also if the snapshot below isn’t enough please feel free to tap on it and visit our website. It is absolutely free for one week!

Finally if you have suggestions about an offensive formation you want us to install just shoot us a quick email at info@firstdownapp.com!


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