30 High Schools & Colleges Join FirstDown PlayBook Program
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 4, 2019

Today is an exciting day here at FirstDown PlayBook as we begin on boarding our initial FirstDown PlayBook Program schools. We will begin the process of bringing on thirty high school and college football programs who will have access to the new 2.0 Draw and Edit tool.

We are calling it FirstDown PlayBook Program and it will make very facet of your football team better. That includes how you prepare for practice, how you communicate with your players and yes, it will definitely affect how you game plan.

As we have traveled the country talking to coaches at clinics, conventions and conferences this winter we have verified what we already knew and that is that none of you have enough time. Hours and even minutes are very valuable when you get to the fall and you are trying to get 20 hours of work into a 16 hour work day.

The programs who have signed up for the initial launch of FirstDown PlayBook Program understand that the only thing better than one coach saving time and teaching his players better is when your entire coaching staff is saving time and teaching your entire football team better.

This video will explain with a little more detail but if you are interested, just hit us up right here and someone will call you about getting your football program set up today!

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