31 FirstDown PlayBook Pressures & Growing!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 3, 2016


FirstDown PlayBook is constantly growing so that’s not news but sometimes when we slow down enough to do a little inventory it surprises even us about the volume of plays, schemes and content that has been installed. Take our defensive pressure package for instance. We just realized that over the weekend we were installing our thirty first defensive pressure. There is a lot of detail that goes into everyone of these schemes and while the coach needs to be selective about what pressure he dials up in each situation there is sure to be a lot of help for any defensive coach regardless of what package they run!

Every FirstDown PlayBook pressure includes:

  1. The pressures come from both Base and Sub personnel groupings.
  2. The pressures are out of Odd, Even, Over and Bear fronts.
  3. The pressures are all fitted up against at least 5 or 6 formations.
  4. The pressures all have motion and Tight End trade adjustments.
  5. The pressures all have coaching points and assignments for every player.




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