34 Defense Saw X Cover 1 Install
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 19, 2018

FirstDown PlayBook is installing a base version of a pressure we have already installed out of sub personnel. The main reason that we are doing it is because some of you defensive guys asked for it. However, it is also worth noting that when you play base defense your adjustments to various formations can be a lot different than when playing sub.

That extra defensive back allows you adjust with skill to either side and we will talk about that in a later post but the important thing to note now is that when you have base personnel in the game you normally have to make a decision to rock and roll your safeties for adjustments or your linebackers have to adjust to any detached number two receiver or back.

We have adjusted this pressure to the weak side by bumping the Will linebacker out if the offense comes out in a formation with a detached number two receiver. When this happens the Jack linebacker will carry out the pressure to the weak side.

When you do it this way it allows you to keep the two deep shell in tact as you attempt to disguise the pressure until the last minute instead of forcing your Jack linebacker to detach and alerting the quarterback to pressure. The strong safety can make all adjustments to the strong side.

So take a minute or two and take a look at this short video explaining our latest installment to FirstDown PlayBook. It’s just the latest example of why FirstDown PlayBook is the gift that keeps giving to ball coaches three times a week and every week!


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