37 Year NFL Vet Wade Wilson Talks 2 Minute Drill
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 23, 2018

Let’s talk resumes here for a second before we get going with today’s USA Football podcast. Wade Wilson is a quarterback coach through and through. He has devoted pretty much all of his adult professional life to the art of playing quarterback.

Wade played nineteen years in the NFL for various teams including the Vikings, Falcons, Saints, Raiders and the Cowboys. This career included a Pro Bowl appearance in 1988 and a Super Bowl ring in Super Bowl XXX.

After finishing his playing career Wade jumped right into what he knew best and began using his experience to coach other NFL quarterbacks. He then proceeded to do that for eighteen more years. When you add it all up going back to high school and college Wade Wilson has well over forty years at playing or coaching the position.

When USA Football Coach & Coordinator “Game Plan” host Keith Grabowski asked about doing a podcast involving two minute procedure we knew exactly who we wanted to call and Wade did not disappoint. As you listen to this podcast be prepared to hear some obvious differences in the approach an NFL quarterback coach takes to preparing for a two minute drill, but more importantly keep your ears open for some of the many common things that all offenses should teach in this critical game situation.



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