3×1 Pistol Inside Zone Read Strong Vs Bear
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 10, 2019

FORMATION: 3×1 Pistol

PLAY: Inside Zone Read Strong


-Run out of 11 personnel with 3 Receivers and 1 Tight End.

-Inside zone scheme that is run to the strong side.

-Offensive Line and TE will zone block the first 6 box defenders play side.

-The 7th box defender will be unblocked and read by the QB. (Read Key)

-The QB looks to hand the ball off unless the Read Key crashes inside.

-If the Read Key crashes inside the QB will pull the ball and attack the perimeter.

-If the defense has a 6 man box TE releases or zone blocks with the Tackle for Safety.


-The play can be run as a normal inside zone play with no read. 6 to block 6.


Align at 5 yards off the ball with a balanced stance.

On the snap drop the read side leg to open a path for the Back.

Get eyes on the Read Key as the Back is responsible for the mesh.

Hand off or keep based on the Read Key’s reaction.

If the ball is handed off execute the naked fake at full speed around the edge.

Ball Carrier:

Align at 6-7 yards depending on RB’s speed.

On the snap open step to the QB with the near leg.

On the second step sync and mesh with the QB.

On the third step attack downhill at the butt of the play side Guard.

Read the first down lineman play side.

Attack downhill or cutback.

If the QB keeps the ball carry out a full speed fake and stay frontside.

Offensive Line & Tight End:

Apply zone blocking rules frontside (RB handoff side) to backside.

Use zone scheme to block the frontside 6 defenders.

Emphasis is on moving the down linemen as the RB will attack down hill to cutback.

Slot Receiver:

Block the first defender outside of the box count.

If the TE is blocking your man go to the next level Safety.

Outside WR’s:

Play Side: Most Dangerous Man

Read Side: Most Dangerous Man

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