43 Under Front Adjustments To Wing Formations
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 10, 2018

All defensive coaches understand at least two things. The first thing is that defensive football is all about adjustments and the second thing is that there is almost always more than one way to adjust to an offensive formation.

One can only imagine the work involved as FirstDown PlayBook undertook the task of drawing up seven different defensive fronts, each combined with five different coverages and then fitted them up against 27 different offensive formations. Oh yeah, we drew them up right handed and left handed. That’s 1,890 football diagrams in case you have your calculator out. This is not even counting the tight end trade and motion adjustments we did for each defense but we digress…

Where are we going with all of this? Well we had a question the other day about why we adjusted our 43 Under defense to a wing formation the way we did. Today we took a little time and made this short video to explain our 43 Under front adjustments and also to show you how your football world is about to change forever starting this January.



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