4v4 Flag Section Continues to Grow!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 16, 2017

We promised you a couple of weeks ago that the FirstDown PlayBook Flag Football gang was going to be happy with the coming installs and today we continue to deliver on our promises. The 4v4 Flag players and coaches will find ten new plays in their PlayBook section today.

It is a mixed bag of sorts as we continue to go back and fill in all of the different categories in this versatile section. Today we install some DropBack pass plays, Quick Game plays but mostly the popular Run Pass Option plays that many of you have requested.

We will be putting the coaching points in for these plays through out the next couple of days so be on the lookout for these also as you plan your next Flag Football game! Plus here is an added bonus. Just in case you’ve never seen what a FirstDown PlayBook flag football play looks like in the actual PlayBook we have set you for a free look at this one just by tapping on it below!


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