5 Man Up Kickoff Returns Added
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 25, 2018

A dominant football player can do a lot of damage regardless of what phase of football he plays. However, put that player in space against your kickoff return team and the problem can be magnified by ten. It’s hard enough to find a solution when help is nearby but when the whole field is part of the equation your coaching answers can be limited.

Trying to stop a dominant kickoff coverage player is one of these “big field” situations. Often times that dominant player will line up at one of the 5 positions and that player’s assignment is one thing… go find the football and destroy the return before it gets started.

This past week FirstDown PlayBook focused on installing kickoff returns that neutralize this kind of dominant player. The emphasis has been on five man front kickoff returns so this gives you a fighting chance as your fullback should be able to front up the dominant player as he travels down the field.

The next step is to find ways to get a double team on him and that’s exactly what we drew up this week in the FirstDown PlayBook kickoff return section. We are steadily adding to this section and if you are a special teams coordinator you want to make sure you dive in and take a look.

To give you a better look at one of our latest kickoff returns watch this short video as we detail some of the coaching points!

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