5v5 Flag Football Bootleg Pass
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 10, 2019

With the recent boom in the popularity of flag football leagues across the country the question begs to be asked “can a youth player really learn football in a flag league?”

We have taken the stance all along that the answer is “yes”. They can’t learn about blocking and tackling but they can certainly learn about football concepts.

This flag football naked bootleg play is a good example of teaching that the defense has to play assignment football. If they don’t then there will always be at least one option in this play that won’t be defended.

The first thing to teach is that everyone has to play fast. Even the best designed play won’t work if everyone is jogging through their assignments allowing the defense to play more than one option.

This flag football play gives the QB three distinct options.

1.Hand the ball to the F if there are more defenders on the left than there are on the right side of the formation.

2. Fake the handoff to the F if there are more defenders on the right than on the left and boot to the left and throw to the Center.

3. Fake the handoff and throw the ball to the X or the Z coming into the QB’s vision late.




A lot of leagues do not permit the QB to run the ball. If your league allows the QB to run then obviously an additional option would be for the QB to just keep the ball on the naked boot. We try to color code our reads for the QB in this picture.

Green=1st read; Blue=2nd read; ¬†and Red=3rd read. Regardless of how you do it the important part is that you are teaching assignment football with real concepts so the kids will have some concept of assignment football when they show up at the JV coach’s ¬†office door wanting to play when they get older.


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