All 5v5 Flag Football Plays To NFL Flag Regulations
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 20, 2017

With over 400 flag football plays now available on FirstDown Playbook it can, no doubt, be hard to keep up with us as we continue working to grow and improve for you. We have been on a 5v5 flag football tear lately and that’s because we know that most of the youth flag football programs are about to start up. The majority of the 5v5 flag football programs out there adhere to the NFL Flag rulebook.

Some of the NFL Flag rules include that the quarterback cannot run the ball, there is no shield blocking and there are others. What’s important here to know is that FirstDown PlayBook draws up all of 5v5 flag football plays to comply with the NFL Flag, USA Football and Football Canada rules.

We do have other rules that we incorporate with our 4v4, 6v6 and 7v7 flag football plays but we know that this time of year there is a huge need for 5v5 flag football plays as the youth leagues crank up for their fall seasons. So if you are looking for 5v5 flag football plays that are tailor made for your son’s or daughter’s flag football team you can tap here to find 162 or so of them!


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