6-2 Youth Defense With Zone Coverage?
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 26, 2020

Every now and then we like to take one of our questions that we get from our coaches and answer it right here. Today is one of those days. This weekend one of our youth football coaches who attended our 6-2 Youth Football Chalk Talk asked us about something we mentioned in that webinar.

We mentioned that if a coach wanted to play zone coverage with our 6-2 defense they could do that. We traditionally play man coverage with our youth football section. In the 6-2 webinar we talked about it but did not draw it up.

Our coach wanted us to draw that defense up so he could see what it would look like. So the short video below takes you through a couple of ways that you could do this. Keep in mind that it is not a traditional way to play this coverage but a visible way nonetheless!

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