6v6 Flag Football Bubble Trouble
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 30, 2018

Today FirstDown PlayBook  walks you through how we coach up one of our 6v6 flag football plays that we call Bubble Trouble. This football play is an excellent way to get the ball out of your quarterback’s hand very quickly.

We are running this one out of our 6v6 flag football Bunch formation which gives you great answers vs man coverage or zone coverage.  We preach it all the time here on FirstDown PlayBook that the one aspect of flag football that catches new players and flag coaches by surprise is just how fast the game is played and how the quarterback and receivers must make split second decisions or the opportunity is wasted.

So take a look at this short video as we coach up one of our favorite flag football plays that is extremely hard to defend if you get everyone on your offense on the same page and playing fast.


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