Happy Super Bowl Sunday!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 7, 2016


Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Yes, there actually is a football game attached to all of this! It should be a good one too as it is hard to imagine either one of these two defenses allowing the game to get out of hand. So what will it come down to? The same thing it always does when two good defenses play.

  1. Getting off of the field on Defense
  2. Turnovers
  3. Special Teams

Before you get comfortable in that lazy boy recliner this afternoon though we just wanted to let you know what’s coming at you this week from FirstDown PlayBook. On offense we are going to give you some two back red zone pass game out of gun and under center. When you add a second back in the red zone your play action pass game becomes a powerful tool as the run game is a bigger threat. Just ask anyone that has played Alabama, Michigan or Stanford.

2 Back Pap



We are also going to give you a solid or Bear pressure package out of a four man front. This is sure to perk the interest of you defensive coordinators who are interested in covering everyone up inside and over loading the offense with pure numbers. As always there will be plenty of motion and trade adjustment help as well as coaching assignments for every player.




So enjoy the day and everything that goes with it. Just be ready to get back to the X’s and O’s this week as we continue to build FirstDown PlayBook into your digital playbook resource for 2016!

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