Don’t Forget Your Bread & Butter
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 20, 2016


As we travel the country and watch the 7 on 7 tournaments we notice that coaches sometimes get away from the things that will serve them and their players well in the fall. We understand the need to work on stretching the field when you can with no pass rush and the obligation to feature some of your showcase talent. However, do not fall asleep on the need to keep your other players involved like your Tight Ends and Running Backs involved because you will need them in the fall.

It is also important to drill the Quarterbacks on your travel team or your fall team on the timing involved with three step drop concepts because they can be very effective if coached correctly. Here is a sample 7 on 7 (or 11 on 11) concept that is good vs all coverages if your QB and receivers are coached up on the details.


Stick 322 Slant F Flat


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