“Funky Ain’t A Foul”
By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 30, 2016

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USA Football’s Bill Lemonnier does a great job of succinctly describing how and how not to go about calling pass interference if you are refereeing a football game. This could hold true for about any call an official makes in a football game at any level.

By Bill Lemonnier

We have an old saying among referees: “Funky ain’t a foul.”
Sometimes, officials relaying a penalty can’t describe what exactly it is that they saw. “It looked weird” isn’t good enough.
The bottom line: Don’t throw a flag if you can’t explain what happened to a coach. Just saying, “pass interference” isn’t enough when determining a penalty.
Instead, put the foul into a specific bucket, or category, so the coach knows how to correct the issue with his player. Was it:...tap here or on the pic to continue reading.



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