A Lot Going On. Here’s How To Keep Up.
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 1, 2019

“When FirstDown PlayBook coaches change jobs, their plays and playbooks go with them.” 

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we like to stay on the move. Once you step out there and say that you are going to serve all coaching communities when it comes to drawing football plays, that’s a lot of work. It’s not just the drawings either. We spend a lot of time trying to watch as much football as possible each weekend to keep up with the latest trends.

Our friends over at USA Football have been a big help in this department.  It’s hard to find anyone out there who keeps with the latest trends like Keith Grabowski does with his Football Development forum. Each week we draw up some of the best plays, defenses and special teams schemes that we see and make them available to you on our All 22 Tuesday segment.

Here’s where we are going with all of this. These plays that you see during the season that might show up on All 22 Tuesday will also eventually show up in your playbook area.  They will be there for you to use with your football team.

As we go through the football season, just know that we are not only building your varsity RPO section, your new modified football section and the All 22 Tuesday area. We are also getting the blueprint down for future FirstDown PlayBook installations.

Take a moment to watch this short video. If you are a serious football coach there is not another resource out there that serves the football coaching community like FirstDown PlayBook. This is only going to grow and improve with time. You have our word on that.


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