Adjust To Oddball Youth Football Formations
By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 23, 2019

The youth football coaches are back up and running particularly out in the warmer states like Arizona. We can always tell when those states crank it up because the youth football requests begin to spike and so do the questions.

Those of you who are following along know we are making the youth football section even better than it has been in past years as we convert all of the plays over into the 2.0 format. These plays are so much more user friendly than the old Visio drawings that we use to have that it’s not funny and of course the icing on the cake is that now you can edit all of these plays.

The question we got over the weekend was about our youth football defensive adjustments that we draw up vs heavy and unbalanced offensive formations. We have written about this before but it’s an important topic because some youth football coaches will just wear you out with formations if you allow it to happen.

The good news is that if you have a few simple adjustments to these oddball formations the offense will quickly realize there is no advantage to running them and get back to their normal stuff which means they wasted all that practice time on it so advantage defense!

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