Adult Flag Football Answers Too!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 31, 2019

One of the hardest things about the game of football for a player is that when it’s over, it’s pretty much over.  What we mean by this is that most of us played tackle football and at some point we were not talented enough to play at the next level.  So we hung up our pads and “retired”.

Today’s players have a much different landscape when it comes to the game we all love so much. Players in high school and younger grow up not only playing tackle football but they also play other versions of our game. Many grow up playing flag football before they ever get near shoulder pads.

Even after starting to play tackle football, today’s young players often times go out and compete in 7on7 leagues almost year round. Some of this is to prepare for the actual season but it is also becoming evident that football is fun even without the pads.

This is why there is a huge and growing population of adults out there who are playing adult flag football long after they give up their helmets. Just like hoops players and baseball players continue playing adult versions of their game, you can now see adult flag football games going on everywhere across our country.

There are varying degrees of competitiveness and like always many different rules for adult flag football. FirstDown PlayBook has worked hard to provide adult flag football players a resource where they can get well drawn proven flag football plays and defenses. Today’s short video touches on that.


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