AFFL Football Specified Plays Available
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 4, 2018


There are so many ways folks are playing flag football these days. You have heard us talk about here on the Coaches Community site before. The numbers are different. There is 4v4, 5v5, 6v6, 7v7 and…well you get the picture.

The rules are also different from league to league. Some allow screen blocking while others do not. Some allow for the defense to add an extra rusher to provide pressure packages for the defense and others want you to play it straight up with man or zone coverage.

Well today we have put together a short video that details out a different rule that we have not come across before. The new American Flag Football League that debut last spring is expanding in 2018 to include teams consisting of players like yourself who want to compete for cash prizes and an opportunity to play the professionals in the championship brackets!

The rule that makes this league a little different is that the center is not eligible to catch a pass from the quarterback. The center can however take a lateral from one of the other players after they catch a pass. This presents the offense with a challenge of making sure they include the center in their game plan or the defense is going to cheat!

So FirstDown PlayBook has drawn up flag football plays that are specifically designed for AFFL competition. After all, if you hope to beat the professionals you better have the talent but it would help to have professionals designing and drawing your plays for you also. Watch this video to learn how your AFFL game plan is already being designed for you.

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