All 22 Tuesday: Chiefs & Ravens Mold 2019 Offenses
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 13, 2019

One of the things that all levels of football have in common is that it generally starts with the quarterback. Yes, there are some youth level teams who’s quarterback may be able to just turn around and hand it to a running back for answers but generally a defense can stop that if the quarterback can’t play well.

As FirstDown PlayBook begins our new series that we are calling All 22 Tuesday we want to focus on a few pre-season games from this past week. We will take a look at how NFL coordinators are bringing along some of the most talented quarterbacks in the league. As we go through the season we will choose four or five plays each week that get our attention.

The following Tuesday we will draw them up and post them in FirstDown PlayBook for or coaches. We are also going to work with our partners over at USA Football to detail these out for you. Coach & Coordinator’s Keith Grabowski will join us as we break these plays down and relate them back to easy that they can help you as a youth, high school or even a flag football coach. First up, a close look at how the Ravens and Chiefs are bringing long their talented young quarterbacks!

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