All 22 Tuesday Features Defensive Pressure
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 5, 2019

We are always looking for ways to highlight defense on All 22 Tuesday and this weekend served us up three different schemes that we think you are going to like. Of course, there are always great defensive performances every weekend. Most of the time it comes in the form of a dominant body of work over the four quarters in the game.

Of course, for the purposes of All 22 Tuesday we are looking for one dominant play that stands out where the defense out schemes or out executes the offense. You’re looking at one below. The Ravens certainly had a bead on a lot of what the Patriots were doing on offense Sunday night.

This formation in particular seemed to be on the Raven’s call sheet for 3rd down and they made this defensive pressure work twice in the first quarter. Twice in the first quarter Baltimore brought four of of the weak side vs this 3×1 formation. Both times it resulted in either a pressure or a sack.

Our friends and partners over at USA Football, Keith Grabowski and Zach Dunn joined us as we dissected this and several other plays and defensive schemes from this past weekend.



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