All 22 Tuesday Launches Tomorrow!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 12, 2019

FirstDown PlayBook is excited to announce that starting tomorrow we will begin bringing you all 22 player drawings of some of the weekend’s best football plays. If you will remember, we did something like this a couple of years ago and we called it the Tuesday 10.

This will be very similar but the big difference is that now our FirstDown PlayBook coaches will be able to drag these plays over into their very own playbooks if they want. Every Tuesday you can expect to see a play or two on our Coaches Community website blog.

Those same plays and several others will be available to our FirstDown PlayBook website that very same day in an editable format. Another big part of this is that we are going to work with our partners over at USA Football to create a recorded webinar each week as well.

FirstDown PlayBook will team up with Coach & Coordinator host Keith Grabowski and we will break down these same plays and hopefully provide you with a little insight to what made them great and maybe even what went wrong. So take a quick glance at this short video and keep your head on a swivel for this tomorrow morning!

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