All 22 Tuesday Looks At The Raiders Defense
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 13, 2020

Today on All 22 Tuesday we want to pick apart this football play from the Las Vegas Raiders (still sounds weird doesn’t’t it?) big win vs the Chiefs on Sunday

The Jet sweep has become so popular in the NFL that it is commonplace now to see plays off of it. We are not only seeing the traditional run game with the jet action freezing the linebackers but other plays as well.

We are also seeing play-action passes, boots and nakeds, and as this play shows, the option game. The Chiefs fake the jet sweep to Tyreek Hill and this alone holds three Raiders’ defenders.

This makes everyone on the play side have to be disciplined. The Vegas defense does a great job of having their eyes in the right place. They trust what they see and it pays off.


A particular nod needs to go to the defensive end who stays square on the line of scrimmage and strings this thing out. This is a hard play to defend but the Raiders got it done!

Join us today as Coach & Coordinator’s Keith Grabowski and FirstDown PlayBook break down four plays from this past weekend on All 22 Tuesday!

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