All 22 Tuesday Looks At The Badgers & Tigers
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 15, 2019

Today on All 22 Tuesday FirstDown PlayBook we will take a hard look at how defenses fit and sometimes how they don’t. Two of the 2019 teams that are emerging as contenders for the top tier playoff teams are LSU and Wisconsin.

There were two definitive plays in each game that show how well they are coached and coordinated. You are looking at one of them below. LSU was doing a good job of using their tight end in the run game as a backside cutoff blocker and inserting the same high end on lead plays. We will delve into that as well but as you watch this video you can see where LSU understood exactly where Florida was getting their seventh defender in the box.

USA Football’s Keith Grabowski along with Zach Dunn and FirstDown PlayBook will take a good hard look at how the LSU staff put this safety in a conflict of assignment several times. This ended up paying big benefits in the run game.

We will take you through this as well as two plays from the Wisconsin Michigan State game that highlight some of the reasons why the Badgers have the number one defense in the country. As usual, all of these plays will be drawn up in the All 22 Tuesday section as well in the appropriate FirstDown PlayBook sections!



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