All About Receiver Route Adjustments
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 31, 2017

“So Coach what do those dotted lines mean that I see on a lot of the FirstDown PlayBook receiver routes?” It’s a great question and one that we have not taken for granted as we coach you up on each and every FirstDown PlayBook pass play.

We cover you most of the time on this question with the coaching points but generally a lot of routes need to be adjusted based on if the defense is playing man coverage or zone coverage. Also, two high safeties or a single safety will make it necessary for the receivers to adjust their route to get the optimal value from the play.

So bang on the play below and give this short video a look as we explain how we draw our receiver route adjustments. If you understand this and more importantly if your players understand this it will give you chance to be in a good play vs almost any coverage the defense throws up at you!



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