Anticipate The Blocking Angle
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 6, 2018

One of the most common mistakes at any level of football is the failure of a player to recognize that the opponent is not going to stand still as a football play progresses.

On defense you see it all of the time as players take a poor angle to the football and lose leverage on the football play. That’s why defensive coaches at every level are going to first coach their defensive players to bust their humps to the football but the second lesson is going to be how to take a proper angle as they pursue the football.

The same lessons have to be taught on offense as blockers gauge the angle taken to execute a block on a second level defender. In it’s most basic form it is the exact same thing as on defense. If a receiver or back fails to anticipate the reaction of a defender based on what the ball carrier is doing then they normally have no chance to execute their block.

Our video this morning explains that this coaching point is not exclusive to players who are blocking and tackling in space. The big guys up front need to also understand anticipation of the defender’s reaction to the ball carrier and how to take proper aiming points and angles to their block.

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