App Tip: Downloading the FULL PlayPacks!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 1, 2012

The FirstDown PlayBook™ app, created by Coach Charlie Coiner, who has nearly 30 years of cumulative college and NFL football experience, focuses on allowing coaches to build playbooks and share plays easily. In doing so, coaches save time and focus on more important things! After all, time is NOT a coach’s friend; the next big game is just a few days ahead.

The app is a mobile – Apple iOS for iPads and iPhones – football playbook planning resource and creativity tool. The best thing…is that coaches at ALL levels have access to quality, proven plays. These plays have been executed at the highest levels. They have moved the chains, and in many cases resulted in touchdowns! As we like to say, these plays help Keep the Drive Alive!™

If this sounds revolutionary, well, it is. Technology tools like this will impact the game. Excited? We have great news…getting the App is not only FREE, it is as easy as…DOWN, SET, HUT!

Let’s get started!


Website Steps: DOWNload the FirstDown PlayBook™ app for FREE by visiting our home page and clicking on the red button with our logo labeled GET THE APP! You’ll get directed to our Apple store where you simply click the blue button under our logo on the left hand side labeled View in iTunes. This will launch iTunes and take you to our download page where you click the Free App button directly under our logo.

iPad/iPhone Steps: Downloading on the go from your iPhone or iPad? Simply select the “App Store” app icon then click “Search” at the bottom of the screen (iPhone) or “Featured” (iPad) and type FirstDown PlayBook into the search bar that appears. Next, select the appropriate App – iPhone or iPad – version. This will take you to the FirstDown Playbook™ store where you can download the app for FREE. Be sure to return though and rate the App and provide a written review after your initial experience.

Once downloaded, you are provided 1 formation and 55 drop-back pass plays with full product functionality. Now, you can start your playbook building process.

But there’s MORE…

SET yourself up with the “PlayPacks” that reflect your team’s philosophies and tendencies. You can select from a wide range of designed plays created by our NFL experts. When you launch the FirstDown app on your iPhone or iPad, the PlayPacks button is located in the bottom right hand corner on the app’s front page – this is called the “InApp Store.” Click on the white button labeled Store (iPhone) or VISIT OUR STORE (iPad). This lets you download the PlayPack(s) of your choice from within the app itself. We’ve broken up each PlayPack into formations to maximize your time and playbook creation experience by getting you what you want and need without causing you to sift through everything you don’t. As of now, there are 10 formations and almost 6,000 drop-back pass plays to utilize in your game planning.

In product development now are Youth League runs, play-action-pass, blocking schemes, and defensive fronts.

HUT the app to your other Apple devices to pick up where you left off. Simply sync up your devices to transfer the FirstDown PlayBook™ like you would any other app then sign into your account with the same user id used to buy your PlayPack(s). It may appear as though iTunes requires you to buy your PlayPack(s) again but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just press the Buy button and iTunes will display a message that you already own the PlayPack and that you can download it for free. Once you have all of your PlayPack(s) downloaded to each device, the iCloud will keep track of all of your created playbooks for easy access and sharing.

We hope these instructions are helpful. If you need additional assistance then visit our special Get PlayPacks page, FAQ page, or send us a comment via our Contact page. Let us know what you think – how you’re using the App, and how it’s impacting the game for you and your players.