As Thorough As If It Were Our Tails On The Line
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 14, 2019

As much as all defensive coaches like and want to be on the “offensive” when it comes to dialing up pressure they all know it can only go so far. What we mean is that yes, the pressure can be applied but it has to be intelligently designed and coordinated to be effective.

This is why we scoff at some of the stuff we see presented to coaches as football “help”. The truth is that it is only helpful if the defense calls this pressure and the offense lines up in this exact formation and runs this exact play.

Good luck with the odds on that happening. This is why we take so much pride in the detail that we put into every defense and defensive pressure in FirstDown PlayBook. Does it take us forever? Sure it does. Is it tedious work? Heck yeah it is.

At the end of the day though, all we are doing is going through the same process that you have to when you game plan a defensive pressure against any opponent. In other words, we draw it up as thoroughly as if it were our tails in a sling if it were unsound.

Tap on the defensive pressure below to see what we mean…


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