At Times The Front Must Adjust To Coverage
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 19, 2019

Making defensive adjustments to offensive formations ranks right up there at the top of any defensive coach’s job, regardless of the level of football you coach. All of you defensive coaches who are convinced that you will dictate what happens with pressure, please take a seat.

Even if you are aggressive on defense you better get adjusted to the offensive formation before the ball is snapped or all of that pressure means nothing. All good defenses have base alignments and then adjustments to not only formations, but also shifts, motions and trades.

The point we want to make today comes from a question we received last week from a coach who wanted to know why we were adjusting the exact same defensive front lined up against the same formation differently based on the coverage we had called behind it.

It’s a good question and one that brings up another axiom of defensive football and that is that your front and coverage always must fit with one another. Today we will take it a step further and explain why sometimes the coverage can take precedent over the front when adjusting to different formations.


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