Attention Head Coaches & Special Teams Coordinators!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 27, 2019

FirstDown PlayBook wanted to take today to rewind back to this past fall when we worked with USA Football’s Keith Grabowski on his Coach & Coordinator podcast.

This particular podcast is one that every head coach and special teams coordinator should listen to at this time of year before the chaos of the season takes over. NFL veteran Bobby April shared so much good advice for how to manage your football team as it relates to special teams decisions. Enjoy this re-publication!

There is so much that is made of the amount of time that a coaching staff does and does not devote to special teams these days that often times one aspect that can still be overlooked as you go into the season is the game day management.

Week three of  USA Football’s Coach & Coordinator “The Game Plan” podcast brought to you by Keith Grabowski welcomes two time NFL Special Teams coach of the year Bobby April. Coach April has an extensive background that includes experience at the high school and college levels before making his mark at the NFL level.

Keith and Charlie Coiner pick Coach April’s brain about how he prepares during the week but also how he manages game day organization, including communication between the head coach and the three coordinators after the ball is kicked off. Coach April has also provided us with a very simple, easy to read personnel chart that details how personnel is best used for every position on the football field.




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