Attention To Detail Is A Two Way Street
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 16, 2019

Football coaches are quick to demand attention to detail from their players and they are correct to do so. A small detail here or there has undone many a good football team in a game or ruined an entire season.

The thing coaches have to be careful about is that preaching attention to detail can’t just be lip service. In order for the message to be conveyed to your team it must be reflected as the players look at your body of work too.

If the salary you are making to coach football or the number of hours you have to devote to the details of a scheme or a game plan limit the amount of time you have to prepare for practice or your meetings, that is understandable. Just don’t turn around and rip your players or your scout team players when practice doesn’t go the way you want it to.

There are good football coaches at every level of ball  out there but make no mistake about it, the NFL coaches are the most detailed in the world. Why? Because that’s all they do. They don’t teach class. They don’t recruit. They coach ball, some of them essentially every waking moment of the season.

FirstDown PlayBook has lived that life and what we have attempted to do is to bridge that NFL life and the life of an under appreciated high school football coach who is trying to manage his life as a  teacher, coach, husband and parent. Said a different way, we are trying to help you coach better and in less time. Much less time. We don’t want to coach your football team. We want to help you coach it. This video explains part of what we are talking about.

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