Better Get Your Flag Football Defense Lined Up
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 15, 2018

There a ton of different versions of flag football out there and FirstDown PlayBook covers most of them. With over 600 flag football plays on offense alone sometimes the amount of flag football defense we have gets overlooked.

Flag football defenses are very similar to tackle football defenses in that one of the biggest challenges is that you have to get lined up and adjusted to all of the many different formations that the offense can throw at you.

The other similar aspect is that you have to have consistent assignments that allow your defensive players to focus on one or two simple rules for each defense. For example, I line up on #2 to the weak side and I am a flat player in coverage.

If you don’t have this, your flag football defense will end up with the same thing that a tackle team will and that is blown assignments with an uncovered offensive player running down the field with the ball in his or her hands.

Todays video gives you a glimpse into how FirstDown PlayBook helps you with this by matching each and every flag football defense up against many different formations and then writing your defensive rules in a way that is consistent and allows your team to get lined up correctly.

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