Blitz Pickup Just Got A Lot Easier To Teach
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 4, 2019

One of the hardest things in football to coach is pass protection. People who really don’t understand this aspect of the game often think it’s just about keeping your quarterback upright until he can throw the ball.   At the higher levels of football, good offensive line coaches and offensive coordinators know it’s about much more.

Offensive coordinators want to attack defenses with concepts. Normally there are two and three man concepts that occur on one half of the field. The coordinator wants to get that running back out to side that will create the two or three man passing game concept.

The offensive line coach’s job is to understand the pass play and protect the passer while adjusting to the coordinators scheme for the back. Empty protections are similar in that normally you have a three man side and a two man side. The coordinator knows where his hot route or sight adjust is built in and the offensive line coach needs to know too.

Of course, you can just turn or gap protect everything but in college or professional football the defensive coordinator will have your quarterback patting the ball because there is nowhere to throw it. Today FirstDown PlayBook takes you down this road a bit with this short video that shows how to use the FirstDown PlayBook defensive pressure section to teach pass pro.

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