Block Who They Become
By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 8, 2015


Coaching Special Teams is the hardest job in football. Two things have stood out over this past week. The first thing is the number of basic, fundamental mistakes that have occurred at the highest level of football in the kicking game. The second is the number of college head coaches who don’t even mention it when they get hired. They talk about calling plays, coordinating defenses and recruiting. Disaster looms down the road if they don’t address the Special Teams game as they hire their staff. Bank on it.

There were several examples in this weeks Tuesday 10 of how some very simple fundamentals can escape even an NFL player.  With 15 seconds left in the first half the Patriots line up to punt against the Eagles and the left Guard chases the man over him down inside instead of giving ground and exchanging the stack twist with the Snapper. The result is disastrous as the punt is blocked and the Eagles’ looper scoops the ball up and scores before the half.

We guarantee you that this is something that the Patriots, just like any other team have worked on since training camp. There are several different mantras that are used like “Block who they become” and “It’s not how they line up but how they wind up” to help your players remember to trade off twists in the heat of the moment. So next year as you are working on Special Teams and you think your team has the basics down and you don’t need to constantly remind them and work on it…reconsider.

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