Bob Run Play Adjustments To Bad Numbers
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 1, 2019


PLAY: Inside Zone Weak Back On Backer (BOB)


-Typically run out of 20 or 11 personnel expecting a sub defense (5 DB’s)

-Inside zone that is run to the weak open end side.

-Blocking Back takes a zone course & lead blocks on the weak inside LB.

-Potential throw or companion run vs 7 man fronts.


-Offensive Line & Fullback are responsible for the Defensive line & LB’s.

-The play side WR is responsible for any secondary force.

-The Offensive Line will leave the first inside (bubble) LB for the blocking back.



Catch the snap and open away from play side to execute reverse handoff.

Boot fake away

Ball Carrier:

Aiming Point: Offensive Tackle’s inside leg.

Footwork: Drop step with opposite foot. Take reverse handoff to the aiming point.

Blocking Back:

Initially mirror the zone steps of the Offensive line to create LB flow.

Strike the weak side LB down the middle or with inside head position.


Play Side: Block Secondary force

Back Side:

Slot: MDM backside cutoff.

Wide Receiver: MDM backside cutoff

Offensive Line:

-Calls are made play side to weak side starting with the Tackle

-The player making the call will dictate:

-If he is working alone on a one on one block or

-working a zone combination scheme with the next adjacent lineman.

-Leave the first inside bubble LB unblocked for the Fullback


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