Brandon Staley & Rams Defense Shines Again!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 12, 2021

Each Tuesday here at FirstDown PlayBook we get together with other leaders in the football industry to bring you All 22 Tuesday. Be sure to check back here each week as Coach & Coordinator’s Keith GrabowskiThe Scouting Academy’s Dan Hatman and FNF Coaches join us to draw up and analyze some of your favorite plays from this past weekend!

News flash: The Los Angeles Rams are a good defense. They might just have the best defense in football. Yes, they are absolutely going to need it as they travel to Green Bay this weekend but they will be hard for even Rodgers to handle.

Our All 22 Tuesday play today features a play that we think exemplifies a lot of things about the Rams’ defense. First of all this play shows the athleticism of their corner, Darius Williams. His reaction and burst to the ball is exceptional.

Secondly, it shows the play recognition that comes from hours of video study. Williams uses a combination of great zone technique along with keen awareness of what is about to happen on the offensive side of the ball.

Finally, This play and the entire football game against the Seahawks shows why Defensive Coordinator Brandon Staley is one of the brightest young football coaches in the NFL. As you will hear in this video we have worked with Staley before. He is one of the truly old guys and smart football coaches in the league. To read more about why Brandon Staley will likely be an NFL head football coach sooner than later read here!

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