Buckeyes, Bulldogs & Packers Highlight All 22 Tuesday
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 26, 2019

To get a nod on FirstDown PlayBook’s All 22 Tuesday does not necessarily mean that your entire game that week was good. The example you are looking at below is a case in point.

The Green Bay Packers had a rough Sunday night vs the 49’ers but that is getting to be the norm for folks who play the niners this season. What we noticed on this Green Bay touchdown was that they pulled a tackle on a jet sweep.

Conventional wisdom (or at least ours) seems to have been that the puller will only get in the way on this play. The jet sweep runner is already moving and a much better athlete.

From the looks of this play it appears the Packers took elements of the toss crack play and blended them with the jet sweep. It worked out for them and later today we will join USA Football’s Keith Grabowski and Zach Dunn to look at all 22 play drawings and video of this play and others.

This week includes looks a plays from Georgia, Ohio State and New Orleans. Tap on the play drawing below and enjoy to see this jet sweep touchdown!

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