Bunch Formation Boot Pass Upgrade
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 30, 2018

FirstDown PlayBook continued our facelift of the Boots, Waggles and Nakeds section this past week. We have installed five new football plays out of the Bunch Gun formation. As always we we replicate these in the Bunch Under and Bunch Pistol sections here in the next few days.

As we have written here before, any time you have a formation that is a great run formation then you are going to have a lot of ways to create play-action passes as well as boots and nakeds. You obviously have to be very sensitive to how you protect them but your run action itself is likely to buy you some time as your quarterback escapes the pocket.

Finally, before we get on to today’s video we just want to point out that boots and nakeds might just be the original Run Pass Option before RPO’s became so vogue. The best boots are normally executed with a quarterback who is attacking the edge first. Everything else gets a lot easier when the defense has to defend this first!

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