Bunch Play Action Passes
By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 8, 2018

There are almost as many ways to protect a play action pass as there are ways to block the actual run play that the pass comes off of. As FirstDown PlayBook has been installing our latest batch of play action passes this repeatedly comes up and is a big part of how the play action pass is read and executed.

Since we have lumped the play action passes together by formation we felt like we needed to explain this today with a short video. However, we also realize that at some point we will need to address this in our Varsity pass protection section and we will.

This is not to minimize the usefulness of the play action pass section as it continues to grow formation by formation. Our latest installation of play action passes out of Bunch is particularly useful because a Bunch formation wreaks of run to a defense and that goes a long way towards seeing up an effective play action pass game.

Today’s video shows how there are different play action pass timings involved with this section as well as several different play action protection schemes to take advantage of the bunch formation.

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