Bunch: Toss Crack-Counter Package
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 7, 2019

When you line up in Bunch formation on offense you are almost certainly going to get a middle of the field closed defense. Even if you form the bunch with three receivers the numbers and the leverage convince most defensive coordinators to roll coverage to that side or have a quarters safety ready to insert as part of the box at the drop of a dime.

One obvious counter to that is to have a solid passing game from your Bunch package and that would include DropBack, Play-Action, Boots and Sprints. Your 3×1 middle of the field closed beaters would come in handy here.

Today however, our video touches on another answer to a defense that rolls up to your Bunch formation and also starts to cheat the linebackers over strong and this answer keeps the ball on the ground. FirstDown PlayBook has always liked marrying the Toss Crack with the weak side Counter play that we will detail today.

This gives the quarterback something simple to look at for a “Check With Me” at the line of scrimmage or sometimes the coordinator can just call both plays individually and let it ride. Watch this short video to get more details on how we coach this run game package.

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