Calling The Same Pass Plays In The Red Zone?
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 29, 2020

Are you calling the same plays in the red zone that you do out in the field with your 7on7 offense? If you are then the odds are better than not that your efficiency plummets once you get close to scoring.

The field changes down in this territory and your thinking should as well. This means you too 7on7 coaches. There are some coaches who think that the only reason you change in this area is because of the pressure you are likely to get.

Obviously you have no pressure threat in 7on7 but that does not change the fact that those vertical routes you like on the 45 yard line need to adjusted or not called at all.

FirstDown PlayBook takes all of this into account with our Varsity DropBack section. We took the time and effort to create a passing game that is devoted just to the red zone. This short video will detail how it can help you and your 7on7 game plan, not to mention this fall during your 2020 football season.

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