Cam Newton & The Panthers Win #8!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 9, 2015


To say Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers have it rolling would be an understatement. There’s not a lot they can do wrong right now. Take this red zone play-action pass out of a formation that features six offensive linemen and two Tight Ends. Cam Newton had already run one in for a touchdown earlier. The Panthers ran a simple play-action pass off of the strong zone action.

Unfortunately for the Packers they did not recognize that one of those Tight Ends was Greg Olsen who bluffed a backside block on the outside linebacker before sneaking into the end zone. The safety was backing up five yards in the end zone and the inside linebackers were all in on stopping the run action strong.  The result was Olsen catching his 500th NFL pass for a Carolina Panthers touchdown.Cam Newton

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