Chicago Bears Trick Play Well Planned!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 11, 2017

If you watched the Minnesota Vikings beat the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football this week you saw the Bears call up a pretty sophisticated trick play in the fourth quarter to tie the game. It was a gutsy call at a critical moment, not to mention the fact that it was pulled off with a rookie quarterback in his first start.

At first glance it was like all trick plays. You see a play that begins to develop, in this case, the hand sweep from Mitch Trubisky in the shotgun to Jordan Howard but quickly the ball is exchanged from Howard to the wing Zach Miller coming the other direction. Just about the time the Vikings thought they had caught up with the play Miller options the ball back out to the rookie QB who walks in for a touchdown.


It was an impressive play by design and by how flawlessly that the Bears executed it. The Bears offensive coaches knew that although you run out of field vertically in the red zone and particularly on a two point play, the football field remains 53.3 yards wide. The Vikings had to defend the field horizontally and quickly diagnose the misdirection that the Bears threw at them.

Now, when we saw this on Monday night we were already working on installing some Varsity trick plays this week so we knew we had to include this one. The thing that struck us about this play as we began to draw it up vs our five different fronts was just how sound the play is against all of them!

Sometimes when you call a trick play you are banking on the fact that your opponent will be in the exact front you need them to be in for the play to be successful. My guess is that that the Bears had a pretty good idea that the Vikings would be in this defense but even if they were not, this football play is sound vs almost any defense. That makes a football play like this a lot easier to call in a crucial moment in the game.

So to make our point, we are giving you the Bears’ trick play today here on the Coaches Community site and if you tap on the play it will take you to your FirstDown PlayBook website where you can see just how well this trick football play draws up vs multiple fronts!

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