Clinic On Play Calling By The Chiefs
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 9, 2017

As you all know by now we love football plays here at FirstDown PlayBook and that’s why we are always drawing them up for you. However, after thirty years of coaching, with nine of them being in the NFL, we understand that football plays are just drawings on a computer if they are not executed well or if they are not called with a purpose and at the right time.

Obviously, the best play callers in the world of football do it on Sunday and they have a lot of help as they do it. The Kansas City Chiefs had this on full display last night against the Houston Texans. The Chiefs have incredible speed and talent on the offensive side of the ball and were using it very intelligently last night by incorporating the Jet sweep action with the receivers to set up the running game.

This happened a lot last night, but these two plays that occurred nearly back to back shows exactly how specific the running game attack was and how much help Andy Reid was getting from the press box as he was making these play calls that broke the game open in the fourth quarter. The first play that was called came with around 10:27 left in the fourth quarter. Reid calls an inside zone run play to his young running back Kareem Hunt.

The outside linebacker or defensive end sees the Jet sweep coming his way and steps outside to defend it. This allows the Kansas City offensive line to use one more blocker to the strong side of the formation. As the offensive line gets great push and the linebackers flow, Hunt bends the ball back to a huge running lane afforded because the LB has stepped outside. The only person that could and did make the tackle was the free safety.


Just moments later the Chiefs come out in a slightly different formation, but once again they bring the Jet sweep action to the same side. Even though the defensive end was a different player this time, the end/outside LB was frozen by the fake handoff to Hunt and the speed of the Jet Sweep.  The Jet sweep runner DeAnthony Thomas was by him before he could react.

The X receiver Chris Conley does a good job with the crack block and the Texans don’t get a crack replace from the playside corner. The Tight End #84 Demetrius Harris gets to add on and become an extra blocker at the point of attack. The Chiefs knew it was man coverage also as the Texans nickel back had his hands full just keeping up with Thomas on the motion, much less fighting through all of the traffic to make a play on the other side. The result was a Kansas City touchdown that pretty much sealed the ball game.



The execution on both of these football plays is nearly flawless and as coaches we all know that without the required fundamentals and technique most plays are dead in the water before they ever get started.   This, however, is a great little sneak peak into the world of how a play caller and all of his eyes in the press box can create situations by setting up the play calls that make it nearly impossible to be right on defense.

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